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INTRODUCTION - SAE 國際汽車及航空工程師學會

The SAE-HK, a local group of the Society of Automotive Engineers (originally named), was inaugurated in December 2009.  In recognition to the success of the past two-year operations, the SAE-HK Group was approved by the International Activities Committee (IAC) and the SAE Section Board to achieve the SAE-HK section Statues, effective from 1 October 2001.  This section is covering the geographical boundary of Hong Kong with more than 100 local members who are professional engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and educations dedicated to advancing the engineering of mobility system.  For those business executive and industrialists, they are all being engaged in the automotive related business with extensive experiences in business partnership, joint ventures, technology and products development, production and quality management, etc. especially in mainland China.  The establishment of the SAE-HK Section is to promote the SAE membership for both industries and academic to facilitate the networking among professionals nationally and internationally, to provide an information services channel and to foster experiences sharing among members so as to increase the momentum of the development of the automotive industry in Hong Kong

The Society of Automotive Engineers – Hong Kong was renamed as SAE (International) Hong Kong in 2009.


國際汽車及航空工程師學會 香港(原名: 國際汽車工程師學會 香港) 於1999年12月正式成立。 國際汽車及航空工程師學會- 香港得到國際汽車及航空工程師學會總部委員會的審批, 現已成為國際汽車及航空工程師學會-香港區域分會, 區域分會會務亦於二零零一年十月一日正式生效。香港區域分會現時擁有超過100位會員, 他們均是業內的專業工程師、企業家、 工業家及學術界, 共同致力提昇汽車工程技術及工業的發展。 會員當中的行政人員及工業家均具備相當豐富的經驗特別是於中國內地, 包括有關汽車工業的商業合作、合資、技術、 產品開發、生產及質量管理等。 國際汽車及航空工程師學會-香港區域分會成立目的是於工業界及學術界內推廣SAE的會員會籍, 以促進與國內及國際間會員的聯繫, 建立及提供資訊服務的渠道及鼓勵會員間的經驗交流, 從而凝聚一股推動香港汽車工業發展的動力。


  • To advance the knowledge of the arts, sciences, standards, and engineering practices connected with the development, design, construction, and use of self-propelled machines, prime movers, and related equipment;
  • To preserve and improve the quality of life in the production and use of such mechanisms;
  • To maintain a library of publication;
  • To promote through meetings, lectures, courses, seminars and the presentation and discussion of scientific and engineering papers a better understanding of such mechanisms;
  • To develop technical and scientific reports, including engineering standards and recommended practices, in connection with the development, design, construction and use of such mechanisms, and publish and distribute such reports for the benefit of mankind; and
  • Generally to provide for or carry on such other activities as may be necessary, incidental, convenient or desirable to accomplish fully the foregoing purposes.
  • 提昇有關工藝、科學、標準及工程實踐的知識以求應用於機動機械,代步交通工具及相關設備的開發設計製造及應用
  • 生產及應用有關機動設備以維持及改善人類的生活質素
  • 編制及維持有關機動設備的刊物及書籍
  • 透過舉辦會議、科研報告、課程、研討會以及有關科學及工程論文的發表和討論, 加強會員對有關機動設備的認識
  • 透過開發及編制各項技術及科學報告, 包括工程標準及建議實行方法於開發、設計、製造及應用有關機動設備。同時出版及分發有關報告使用家得益; 及
  • 在有需要及值得的情況下, 持續舉辦或推行有關的活動, 以求達致上述各項的目標